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Car Crashes

Flying Wheel Russia Crash

Unfortunately, like with most Russian “twilight zone” accidents, we don’t have too many details about what happened and all we know is that these nice Russian folks were peacefully driving on a highway when, all of a sudden, a wheel came flying out of nowhere and smashed right into their front grille. And it seems like it did some damage, at least judging by the smoke coming out of the engine. The only thing we know for sure about this is that it happened last week, because the date on the video says May 8, 2014 and apparently the driver knows his swearing, at least from what a YouTuber commented. So next time you’re in Russia, remember that nothing is safe over there! [Read the full article…]

Lamborghini Aventador valet crash in Monaco

Don’t know why, but this poor bastard probably lost his job after pulling a stunt that left a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador quite “wrinkled”. According to the YouTube description, the incident took place in front of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco and the Aventador crashed into a passing car after the valet thought he was in neutral and tried to rev the engine. Unfortunately, he was in first gear and accelerated right into that innocent crossover. As you can see, the car is quite banged up, even though there were no more than 5-6 feet between the Lambo and that other car. We don’t anything about the owner, who is a Monaco resident judging by the Lamborghini’s license plates and the video doesn’t show his reaction, but something tells us he’s not the happiest camper. [Read the full article…]

Car Crash X-Files Russia

One of the most frequent reasons cars crash is that one driver fails to see the other. You know, those situations when you get out of the car and the other is just like “Sorry, man, didn’t see you”. We’ve all been there and there’s no shame in that, because we all get distracted every once in a while, either by our significant other, by our favorite team losing or by listening to Justin Bieber on radio. We usually say, “he came out of nowhere”, but there are some cases when cars actually come out of nowhere, especially in mother Russia, which is a known place for paranormal activity. Take this guy, for example, chilling in his new 3-Series, wants to make a left turn and BAM, all of a sudden stumbles across the other guy (looks like it’s C-Class). The funny thing is that on the video caught by the guy’s dashcam there’s no sign of the Mercedes until it’s hit by the BMW. So let’s take a closer a look: [Read the full article…]

BMW Fire Hydrant Boston

Parking near a fire hydrant is illegal in almost every country in the world and in the United States the minimum allowed distance is 15-feet in pretty much every state. But this is not one the first regulations you learn when you’re getting the driving license and it definitely is one of the first ones you forget. And those who do remember it, usually are not afraid of a parking ticket and think “They’re not going to be an 8-alarm fire across the street TODAY, right?”.

Well, there usually isn’t one, but there are some cases when these things happen. And if you’re in the way, you’re going to be sorry, believe me! Because at that moment, firefighters don’t really car about your car and it’s the least of their worries. And if you’re unlucky enough and they need to attach the hose to the fire hydrant where you’re parked, your beautiful 3-Series Coupe might end up something like this: [Read the full article…]

Lamborghini Aventador crash in London

It looks like London hasn’t been quite the supercar heaven lately. About two weeks ago we reported about a Ferrari 458 Italia seriously damaged by a lorry in Kensington, now we have another crashed beauty in the British capital. This time it looks like it was the driver’s fault. According to witnesses, the matte black Lamborghini Aventador was racing a Maserati GranTurismo Sport on Sloane Street when it hit a car that pulled out of a junction. There were no injuries, but three cars were involved in the crash, with the Lambo having some serious “injuries”, as we can see in these photos. [Read the full article…]

Thumbnail image for Guy finds his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia destroyed by lorry

Guy finds his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia destroyed by lorry

March 11, 2014

Well, it’s not actually destroyed, but it doesn’t look good either. What you see here happened yesterday in the upscale Kensington district in west London. Not exactly sure what exactly happened over there, but it looks like the lorry driver had difficulties negotiating the tight streets of Kensington and struck the Ferrari 458 Italia that […]