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Ghost cars in Russia [Video]

Published by on Apr 16, 2014 in Car Crashes Leave a comment

Car Crash X-Files Russia

One of the most frequent reasons cars crash is that one driver fails to see the other. You know, those situations when you get out of the car and the other is just like “Sorry, man, didn’t see you”. We’ve all been there and there’s no shame in that, because we all get distracted every once in a while, either by our significant other, by our favorite team losing or by listening to Justin Bieber on radio. We usually say, “he came out of nowhere”, but there are some cases when cars actually come out of nowhere, especially in mother Russia, which is a known place for paranormal activity. Take this guy, for example, chilling in his new 3-Series, wants to make a left turn and BAM, all of a sudden stumbles across the other guy (looks like it’s C-Class). The funny thing is that on the video caught by the guy’s dashcam there’s no sign of the Mercedes until it’s hit by the BMW. So let’s take a closer a look:

By the way, if you’re turning the volume up, be careful cause there’s some chick screaming in the end, after all the replays.

And you’d say this is an isolated incident, but not in Russia. Because here’s this footage from 2012, with another mystery car coming out of nowhere (this one looks like a Lada though).

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