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Never park in front of a fire hydrant!

Published by on Apr 10, 2014 in Car Crashes Leave a comment

BMW Fire Hydrant Boston

Parking near a fire hydrant is illegal in almost every country in the world and in the United States the minimum allowed distance is 15-feet in pretty much every state. But this is not one the first regulations you learn when you’re getting the driving license and it definitely is one of the first ones you forget. And those who do remember it, usually are not afraid of a parking ticket and think “They’re not going to be an 8-alarm fire across the street TODAY, right?”.

Well, there usually isn’t one, but there are some cases when these things happen. And if you’re in the way, you’re going to be sorry, believe me! Because at that moment, firefighters don’t really car about your car and it’s the least of their worries. And if you’re unlucky enough and they need to attach the hose to the fire hydrant where you’re parked, your beautiful 3-Series Coupe might end up something like this:

BMW Fire Hydrant Boston

This happened on Wednesday night, when an 8-alarm fire broke in Boston and damaged three buildings. This came after the devastating 9-alarm fire that killed two firefighters in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, so this might explain why they showed no mercy on the Bimmer. Not sure whether he also got a ticket, but I bet my unpaid house that the guy with the BMW will never park near a fire hydrant as long as he lives, what do you think? And it’s not the first time we’ve seen this happen, so be more careful next time you park.

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