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Parking valet crashes Lamborghini Aventador in Monaco

Published by on May 9, 2014 in Car Crashes Leave a comment

Lamborghini Aventador valet crash in Monaco

Don’t know why, but this poor bastard probably lost his job after pulling a stunt that left a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador quite “wrinkled”. According to the YouTube description, the incident took place in front of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco and the Aventador crashed into a passing car after the valet thought he was in neutral and tried to rev the engine. Unfortunately, he was in first gear and accelerated right into that innocent crossover. As you can see, the car is quite banged up, even though there were no more than 5-6 feet between the Lambo and that other car. We don’t anything about the owner, who is a Monaco resident judging by the Lamborghini’s license plates and the video doesn’t show his reaction, but something tells us he’s not the happiest camper.

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