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Daily Brief – May 12, 2014

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Daily Brief May 12 2014

SRT brand dead, the Dodge Viper is back

When Fiat took over Chrysler, they tried to make SRT a separate high-performance brand. This move wasn’t received too well by customers and now Fiat is dropping this experiment. So the next generation Viper will be called Dodge Viper, the Chrysler 300 SRT’s production will end and nothing will change for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, which will stay in production. [Jalopnik]

Wiesman sports car manufacturer closes down

Following other small carmakers such as Gumpert, Artega or Bertone, the German sports car went bankrupt last December. Its founders, the Wiesmann brothers, had already left the company in 2012 and now the remaining 125 employees have been sent home. [Telegraaf]

Fiat confirms: Lancia to become local brand

Recent dark rumors seem to be true. All cars branded Lancia will be sold exclusively in Italy and its lineup will soon be reduced just to the Ypsilon small car. After the Chrysler takeover, Fiat tried to use the Lancia brand to sell Chrysler models in Europe, but the plan failed miserably. [Autocar]

Citroen to get new boss on June 1

It looks like Ford isn’t the only carmaker to have management changes at the highest level. Citroen’s current CEO, Frederic Banzet will be replaced by Linda Jackson, which is currently in charge with Citroen’s operations in the UK. The DS division will also get a new leader, Yves Bonnefort which currently acts as PSA Peugeot Citroen’s Head of Strategy and deputy CEO for the Citroen brand. The moves are part of Carlos Tavares “Back in the Race” strategic plan. [Citroen]

Ferrari to launch one new model each year, keeps limited production

The Italian car manufacturer will keep its production numbers low, around 7,000 units each year, a recipe which brought the company a record profit last year, 246 million Euros ($340 million). Ferrari also plans on releasing one new model each year. Every one of these new models will get a life cycle of 4 years and the carmaker will focus on the three personalization programs, “Atelier”, “Tailor-made” and “One-off”. [Autoblog]

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