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1,050-hp Ferrari LaFerrari XX coming in 2015

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Ferrari LaFerrari XX

The Italian carmaker is currently working on an XX edition for the Ferrari LaFerrari, which will deliver around 1,050-hp and will be ready in 2015. At least that’s what Antonello Coletta says, the head of Ferrari’s Sporting Activity Department, quoted by Car&Driver. The XX Programme is a Ferrari project that produces “turnkey” racing cars for wealthy customers and special events where these customers can test and race their cars. The first Ferrari supercar to get the XX programme was the Ferrari Enzo, followed by the 599.

Compared to the standard version of the LaFerrari, the XX version is lighter and more powerful, with several other upgrades aimed at squeezing as much power as possible. The first prototypes were already spotted testing on the Nurburgring and featured polycarbonate windows instead of the regular glass ones, special tires developed by Pirelli, an upgraded racing electronic suspension system and a carbon fiber body with numerous aerodynamic upgrades. Judging by all these, it’s safe to say the upcoming LaFerrari XX will be a track-only vehicle and not street legal. Italian officials denied most of the rumors about the model, saying that the prototype seen in Nurburgring is just a testing model for new Le Mans technologies.

The “regular” Ferrari LaFerrari was unveiled last year in Geneva and it’s the carmaker’s most powerful car ever built. Only 499 units of the hybrid sports car will be built and despite the price tag going over $1.5 million, the Italian carmaker received twice as many orders for the model. At the moment, the hybrid sports car’s only available customization is the exterior color, customers being able to choose between black, red and yellow, plus several additional special colors (which come at a hefty price tag, of course).

Source: Car&Driver

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