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15 million people visited BMW Welt since 2007

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BMW Welt

In October 2007, BMW opened the largest facility in Germany dedicated to the automobile, right in front of their Munchen factory and their famous “Vierzylinder” (Four Cylinder) headquarters. They called this facility BMW Welt (“BMW World”) and its purpose was to offer a new experience to both BMW fans and people not really interested in the automotive phenomenon. With a modern architecture, made of steel and glass, the BMW Welt where the group’s latest products were introduced, whether we’re talking about BMW, Mini or Rolls-Royce. The building also houses plenty of playground, restaurants, coffee shops, conference rooms and a special delivery area where customers are handed their cars.

The BMW Welt quickly became popular, the 785,000 square feet facility being visited by 500,000 people in the first 100 days. And things didn’t change at all in the years to come, on the contrary, so 5 years later, in 2012, BMW Welt celebrated its 10 millionth visitor. According to BMW, most visitors were German, followed closely by British and Americans. At the time, the lucky 10 millionth visitor got a BMW Z4 to drive for 10 weeks.

And now, only two years later, the Welt celebrates another important milestone, the 15 millionth visitor. This comes after an impressive number of people visited the facility in 2013, almost 3 million (2.93 million to be more exact). That’s a lot more than initial numbers, BMW estimating an annual number of visitors of around 800,000 before the building was inaugurated. In the meantime, things also changed a little regarding visitors’ nationality, because even though the majority is still German, now they are followed by Russians and Asians. Another important change is that almost 40 percent of all guests visited the complex at least twice.

Also, with an average of 2.5 million visitors per year, BMW Welt became the most visited place in the entire Bavaria state. That’s an amazing achievement, because Bavaria has plenty of other amazing places such as the famous Neuschwanstein castle (a beautiful castle that was the inspiration for the famous Disney castle and which was the most visited place in Bavaria until now) or the beautiful Bavarian Alps with resorts such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The 15 millionth visitor was a member of the Hohenkammer family from the Bavaria state and he, together with family, were greeted by the BMW Welt’s director, Thomas Muderlak, and by Karolina Kurkova, top model and BMW brand ambassador. The Hohenkammer family will get to drive BMW’s latest car, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer for a month, being among the first “civilians” to drive it.

Source: BMW | Photo credits: Manuel Irritier

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