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2015 Ford Mustang to gain as much as 300 lbs

Published by on Jun 4, 2014 in News Leave a comment

2015 Ford Mustang Weight

The 2015 Ford Mustang is scheduled to hit showrooms this fall and as the launch date gets close, new details about the upcoming muscle car surface. Florida based Steeda Autosports is one of the largest manufacturer of Ford aftermarket performance parts that is already working on parts for the upcoming Mustang. And in a recent post on their blog, they revealed that according to their estimates, the upcoming pony car will probably gain between 200 and 300 lbs compared to the ongoing model.

So far, Ford revealed some specs for the new Mustang, such as the available engines, but didn’t say anything about the car’s weight. In case you forgot, the new Mustang will come with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost that produces at least 305-hp, a 3.7-liter V8 that produces more than 300-hp and a 5.0-liter V8 with more than 420-hp. As for the weight, if these estimates are correct, the new Mustang might not be that great of a sports car as everyone hopes it will be.

And fans are not thrilled at all about this considering by the reactions we saw on Mustang6G, the forum where the news was first posted. Despite the original post on Steeda blog being removed (probably someone at Ford wasn’t happy at all about this), you can’t actually delete anything from the Internet, so here are a few angry comments on the forum:

“It almost makes me want to cancel/change my order. We all hoped for same weight or some weight loss, not a huge gain like that. The GT HAS to be at least 450+ horsepower with 410+ torque to contend with that amount of weight gain. The EcoBoost model is starting to sound like a much better idea now.”

“You aren’t the only one Joe. I’m holding off until I hear at least a HP or weight number. And if I’d order and it comes in at 3900 to 4000 pounds and “just” 425 HP I would ask for my refundable deposit back.”

“This explains why Ford has not released official Specs. They know it will not go over well in the Mustang community + GM-Dodge will have a field day laughing at “The New Pig On The Block”. This really is very upsetting and I do believe it, it may just factor into cancelations (Including mine)”

Source: Steeda [via Mustang6G]

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