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All new MINI 5 door makes official debut

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MINI 5 Door

The British carmaker has just announced the all new MINI 5 door, the first time in history a five door version is available for the hatchback. Seeing the car become reality, three big questions are raised. How comfortable will the rear passengers sit? How much luggage space is available? How are the car’s dynamics changed? So let’s take them one by one and see what to expected from the new MINI 5 door.

Well, first of all, as you can probably imagine, the car is longer. According to Mini, the wheelbase was expanded by 72 mm (2.8 inches), which is exact extra foot space rear passengers get. We drove three versions of the MINI Cooper S, and even though rear passengers weren’t exactly tortured, they weren’t too comfortable either. Despite not looking like much, 3 inches is quite a lot and can make a difference, but we won’t be able to see that until we get the chance to drive the new car.

Another important aspect is the luggage space. I mean, if you want to carry 4 or 5 passenger, you have to be prepared for their luggage too. According to the official press release, compared to the three door MINI, the 5 door version has more luggage space, 278 liters to be more precise (67 liters extra). That’s one extra medium luggage that fits in the trunk. Is it enough? Is it too small? Well, let’s just say you won’t go on any long family vacations with the MINI, but might be able to go shopping for about anything, since luggage space increases to 941 liters when the rear seats are folded.

So how will the MINI 5 door behave on the road? Looking at the specs released by the carmaker, the car is 161 mm longer (6.3 inches) and 11 mm taller (0.4 inches), while keeping the same width. Technically, this means it might not behave as great and as fun as the three door version, but Mini says the 5 door will keep the same dynamics, as it comes with the specific suspension set-up, stiff weight optimized construction and electromechanical power steering with Servotronic function as standard. As for the engine lineup, no details are available about the North American model, but the European version is similar to the three-door’s, with two diesel and two petrol engine ranging from the entry level MINI Cooper D (116-hp) to the top of the line MINI Cooper S (192-hp).

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