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Aston Martin confirms new platform, scheduled for 2016

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Aston Martin New Platform

Aston Martin has just announced a replacement for the VH platform that was launched 13 years ago, the platform that was used for all the important Aston Martin models launched in the past 13 years. Only two models weren’t based on the VH platform, the Cygnet and the One-77, both out of production. The announcement is extremely important for a company like Aston Martin, one of the few remaining sports car manufacturer that is not owned by a large carmaker, because it involves major investments. The British carmaker hasn’t revealed when the new platform will make its debut, but we’ll probably see on the next Aston Martin, while Auto Express reported that it will be introduced for the first time on the next-gen DB9, which is scheduled to debut in 2016.

The new Aston Martin platform will feature V8 engines provided by Mercedes’ AMG division, which has a long standing partnership with the British car manufacturer. Besides the engines, Mercedes-Benz might also supply Aston Martin with certain electronic components, sensors and other parts. As for the V12 engines, which were extremely popular with the Gaydon based carmaker, they will be supplied by Ford until 2018, when the supplier will be changed (though there’s no info about the new supplier, rumors indicate Mercedes).

At the same time they announced the new platform, Aston Martin also released they financial results for 2013 and things look pretty good. The carmaker’s revenue increased by 13% thanks to the launch of the Vanquish Volante and the V12 Vantage S and also by reaching into new markets like Mexico and Thailand. However, the British carmaker mentioned that funding for the new platform development will be provided by the company’s foreign shareholders, Investindustrial, Primewagon and Adeem Investment.

Source: Aston Martin

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