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Aston Martin not giving up on the V12, not planning any future hybrids

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Aston Martin Engine

Despite the already famous downsizing trend, Aston Martin has announced that they’re not planning on dropping the V12 engines in favor of turbocharging. The statement was made this week by the carmaker’s CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez, at the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante launch in Palm Springs, Florida. And that’s not all, because also said that his company is refusing to develop hybrid models to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. What the British carmaker will do is reduce their models’ weight as much as possible and improve upcoming engines’ efficiency. Another interesting solution he sees is try and encourage drivers to be a little more gentle with the throttle, since Bez is convinced the low fuel economy is mainly caused by customers driving too fast. No offense, Mr. Bez, but when you sell people a 450-hp for a lot of money, you can’t actually suggest they drive slower. You just don’t!

According to Bez, there is still room for improvement in weight reduction and that developing a hybrid powertrain that would offer a temporary power increase of 100-hp won’t help, since the system’s would probably make the extra horsepower useless. He also said that hybrid system are very complex and making sure they are reliable would require a lot of work and testing, which the carmaker isn’t actually willing to invest.

During the last five years, the overall fuel efficiency of Aston Martin models has improved by 30%, mainly thanks to aerodynamic and engine upgrades. What the carmaker’s CEO hasn’t revealed is how exactly Aston Martin is planning on further improving its models’ efficiency, since most experts agree that current engines are almost maximum of what we can get from a conventional engine based on internal combustion and electric spark ignition.

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