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Audi, BMW and Mercedes report record sales in March

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BMW Audi Mercedes Sales

Just like we all expected, the global competition between the three luxury carmakers continues in 2014 too and despite the order being unchanged (BMW in front, followed by Audi and Mercedes-Benz), the impressive lineup change that took place last year lead to record sales. Mercedes-Benz introduced their fresh design, which was extremely well received by both media and customers, Audi also refreshed its lineup, while BMW added new models or new generations to their lineup. All these allowed the three German carmaker to break all records for most cars sold in a month, in March.

Like we said, BMW is leader, with almost 190,000 units sold in March (their best month in history) and 430,000 units in the first three months of 2014, which represents a 17% increase (12% for the quarter), compared to the same time frame last year. One of the most important factors that lead to this increase was the higher demand for the carmaker’s SUVs: the X1 sold 15% more units, the X3 11% and the X5, whose new generation was introduced last year, 14%. Overall, the BMW Group (BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce) sold 213,000 units in March, passing the 200,000 milestone for the first time in history. As for the main markets, BMW reported the highest growth in Asia (158,000 units, a 21.8% increase) and especially in China, where they sold 108,000 units, 25.4% more than in March 2013.

The second best selling luxury car manufacturer was Audi, for both March and the first quarter. With a little over 170,000 units sold last month and 413,000 in the first quarter, Audi saw a 15.4 increase (12% for the quarter) compared to 2013. Just like BMW, these impressive sales numbers broke all the company’s records, for both a month and a quarter, being also the first time Audi sells more than 400,000 cars in a quarter. March was extremely good for the A3 lineup (a 52% increase compared to March 2013), for the new A8 facelift (49% increase) and, somehow surprising, for the Q7, which sold 39% more units despite everyone waiting for the new generation later this year or in the first part of 2015. Overall, European sales grew by 6.8% to a total of 200,000 units, with great results in Germany (+10.2%) and the UK (+13%). But Audi also reported significant improvements on other markets such as China (+38%), South Korea (+82%), the United States (+7.5%) and Brazil (+168%).

As for Mercedes, the company’s recent upgrade of their compact lineup was extremely good for sales and the German carmaker sold 159,000 units in March. The A-Class, B-Class, GLA and CLA sold incredibly well and helped Mercedes sell 374,000 in the first quarter of 2014, reducing the distance between them and the two German rivals. Just like them, the Stuttgart based carmaker broke the sales records for both a month and a quarter. The European market grew by 7.6%, the United States by 11.2%, but the most important progress was made in China (+34%) and especially Japan (+50.3%), one of the few markets where Mercedes is the best selling luxury carmaker.

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