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Audi preparing SUV offensive led by Q8 flagship

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Audi Q8

The next generation Q7 is almost here and not only it is one of the German carmaker’s most anticipated models, but it’s also the one that will start a real attack of the luxury SUV market. According to a recent interview given by Audi’s chairman, Rupert Stadler to Autocar, the carmaker is looking to expand its lineup to a total of 60 models by 2020. And out of the 11 entirely new models, five will be in the Q family: Q1, Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8.

As its name indicates, the Q8 will be the A8 equivalent of SUVs, the Q lineup flagship competing against current of upcoming models like BMW X6, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz MLC. The Audi Q8 will be built on the upcoming Q7’s platform, called MLB, which will be shared with several other models in the Volkswagen Group, such as the third generation Cayenne, a possible Cayenne Coupe, the third generation Touareg, the upcoming Bentley SUV and the spectacular Lamborghini Urus. According to Volkswagen officials, the platform’s modular design will allow each model to have a different character, so we won’t be looking just at rebadged models.

Under the bonnet, the upcoming Audi Q8 will have an entry-level version powered by a 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine and a starting price tag of around 60,000 Euros (more than $80,000). The most powerful version will be the Q8 RS, powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that will cost somewhere around 110,000 Euros ($150,000). The engine lineup will include other versions of the group’s V6 and V8 engines, both diesel and petrol, plus two possible green versions, a hybrid and a full-electric one. All Q8 versions will get the same technology from the Audi A8 flagship, probably available in the same configurations as the Q7.

Source: Autocar

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