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Belaz 75710, the world’s largest truck

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BelAZ 75710

Everyone say hello to the beautiful Belaz 75710. Launched a couple of weeks ago, this new truck comes to take the title of the “world’s largest and heaviest dump truck” from the almighty Bucyrus MT6300AC, Liebherr T 282B or Caterpillar 797F. Heard of all of them, right? Well, they don’t really matter no more, because this new bad boy is the truck everyone talks about at the moment. In some circles. Pretty small ones.

Anyway, the new Belaz 75710 is manufactured by Belarusian company BelAZ (its name stands for “Belarusian autoworks”) and with a load capacity of 450 tonnes, it became the world’s largest dump truck. As you can imagine, the numbers around this truck are huge: its empty weight is 360 tonnes, it is 20.6 meters (67 feet) long, 8.16 meters (27 ft) tall and 9.78 meters (32 ft) wide and it comes with eight huge wheels with 13 feet wheels (if you really want to know, tire size is 59/80 R 63). But the truck also has some downsides, one of them being its bed, which is pretty shallow, so it can’t carry a large volume of material.

Under the bonnet (or wherever the engine is), the truck comes with a Siemens MMT 500 drive system featuring two diesel engines, each one a 65-liter 16-cylinder unit that produces 2,300-hp at 1,900 rpm and 9,313 Nm (6869 lb-ft) at 1,500 rpm. The electromechanical transmission is also produced by Siemens and the truck can achieve a top speed of 64 km/h (40 mph). Oh, and if you’re wondering about fuel economy, don’t! Just let me tell you the 75710 has two fuel tanks, 2,600 liters (740 gallons) each.

So why does the world need this truck? Well, except for the situation when we’ll invade a planet called Pandora, the Belaz 75710 will be used to carry mined rock in deep open pits, where road conditions aren’t the best in the world. Because this little thing can go on almost any kind of road and in all sort of weather conditions. Rain, snow, temperatures between -50 C (-58 F) and +50 C (122 F), you name it.

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