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Bentley considering bespoke division

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Bentely Bespoke Division

The British carmaker wants to bring back a tradition that has been around ever since the automobile was invented, that of one off vehicles with custom-made bodywork. These details were published by British magazine Autocar after talking to Kevin Rose, Bentley’s head of sales and marketing, who declared he is thrilled by this idea. According to him, the company’s management is currently thinking about opening a special division whose task will be to create one off vehicles for customers looking for a custom made luxury car. These units would share their platform, engines, technology and parts of the interior with the production models, but would get new body types new for the British carmaker and even the car industry.

This would actually mean a return to its roots for Bentley, since the British company used to offer this type of vehicles in its early days. However, at the time, Bentley used to work with different car design firms that would implement their own designs. This time, Bentley’s Mulliner division could be in charge with creating the new custom bodies. The division is actually named after a dedicated coachbuilder based in Crewe that used to work closely with the company in the 1920s.

As expected from a one off vehicle created by a carmaker like Bentley, pricing will probably not be an issue for its potential customers, which also means that the company’s engineers and designers will get a free hand at designing some amazing vehicles. Currently, the idea is still in its early stages, but the general opinion is that it will probably bring Bentley significant revenues, without affecting their models’ exclusive character in any way. Companies like Ferrari, Aston Martin or McLaren already have this kind of divisions, despite still being a lot of coachbuilders available in Europe and in other important markets capable of creating custom made vehicles.

Source: Bentley

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