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Bentley Hybrid Concept, the carmaker’s first hybrid

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Bentley Hybrid Concept

The Bentley Hybrid Concept has just been unveiled, one week ahead of its world debut at the Beijing Motor Show. The British carmaker’s first plug-in hybrid is based on their current flagship, the Mulsanne, and its powertrain, whose specs weren’t revealed yet, will also power the upcoming SUV from Crewe. But Bentley did release some details about the upcoming hybrid, saying that it will produce 25% more power, while fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions will be improved by as much as 75%.

Doing some basic math, this means that the hybrid powertrain will produce around 640-hp, since the 6.7-liter twin-turbo V8 that powers the Mulsanne produces 513-hp and 752 lb-ft (1,020 Nm). Also, CO2 emissions might be around 190 grams per mile (118 g/km), which is impressive for a car that big and with that engine. But this low figure has a perfectly logical explanation, because the car, just like all upcoming Bentley plug-in hybrids, will be able to run around 35 miles (50 km) in all-electric mode, therefore not burning any fuel. The emission figures are based on the European NEDC cycle, which compares new vehicles on fuel efficiency and emissions, focusing on what happens during the first 60 miles. So hybrid cars usually score great, because they are able to run a certain distance using only electric power. However, according to NEDC testing, these results are not always great for plug-in hybrids, because they have to keep running the internal combustion engine for longer, to recharge the powertrain’s batteries.

Bentley Hybrid Concept

Back to the Bentley Hybrid Concept, besides the powertrain, there are also several elements that differentiate it from the Mulsanne, such as the copper ornaments on the interior and from the engine bay, plus several other copper lines and badges that highlight the model’s special character. Also a similar colored material was used for the instrument cluster and the upholstery’s stitching.

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