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BMW expects 40% of all sales to be front-wheel drive by 2020

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BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

This year BMW introduced the first front-wheel drive model in their lineup, the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, with the carmaker’s officials announcing big plans for the UKL platform that powers the small MPV. According to Kai Lichte, a spokesman for BMW, a total of 12 BMW models and 10 Minis will be built on this platform and estimates are all these will account for 40% of all sales by 2020. However, the German official mentioned that none of these models will be bigger than the compact segment and there will be no M model based on the UKL platform.

In the future, the BMW lineup will be split by two major architectures, with all vehicles based on one of these two. One of them is the UKL platform, whose models will measure between 150 inches (3.8 meters) and 177 inches (4.5 meters) and will be front wheel drive. The other architecture will power models larger than the 3-Series and will offer the tradition BMW rear-wheel drive.

Right now, there are only three models that are built on the UKL platform. One of them is the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, followed by the new generation Mini hatchback and its five-door version (which are considered different models). In the future, BMW will also launch a front-wheel drive 1-Series, Source: CarAdvice

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