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BMW preparing SUV offensive with eight now models, including X2, X7 and X8

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We already know the SUVs are one of the most important parts in BMW’s strategy to keep up their sales and the news that the Bavarian carmaker is preparing a fierce SUV offensive shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. According to recent reports, the German company will soon have eight SUVs in its lineup, from the small X1 to the king of the road X8 and here is what we know so far about each model.


The entry-level model will be X1, the crossover based on the BMW 1-Series, whose next generation will be built on BMW’s upcoming UKL 1 platform which features front-wheel drive, an important switch from the current rear-wheel drive. The car’s styling will be completely different from the next generation 1-Series, because the German carmaker wants to clearly differentiate the two models. The next generation BMW X1 will compete against what’s already an important player, the Mercedes-Benz GLA and its official debut is expected to take place sometime next year.


Following the successful model used with the X5 and X6, the upcoming X1 will also get a coupe version called the BMW X2. The compact crossover will “attack” the market with a sportier silhouette and matching dynamics. According to preliminary reports, the car will feature a three-door body and the roof’s line will strongly suggest a coupe silhouette. Also, unofficial reports indicate that this model might also get an “M” high-performance version, powered by a 2.0-liter turbo engine and all-wheel drive.


Since the facelift has just been introduced, the current BMW X3 will keep its current looks and powertrain for the next years, with only a few engine adjustments in the future, when new powerplants will probably be available.


The recently launched BMW X4 has yet to confirm whether it will be a commercial success or not, despite getting a warm welcome from the public opinion. The great driving dynamics impressed everyone and it looks like the baby X6 is also in the books for a performance version. According to reports, it won’t be a pure “M” model, but an M Performance one, something similar with the M235i, which will actually “lend” its 3.0-liter engine.


The new BMW X5 is already available since last year and the third generation seems to step on its predecessor footprints, being appreciated by both the press and customers. Just like the previous generation, the new X5 will also get an M high-performance version, which has already been confirmed by officials in Munich. The BMW X5 M will make its world debut this fall, at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, powered by a twin-turbo 4.4-liter engine whose power and performance ratings are still being kept a secret by BMW.


The new BMW X6 was officially revealed this spring and it came with a refreshed look, based on the one seen on its brother, the X5. However, the official debut will take place this month, at the Moscow Motor Show, with market launch scheduled for this fall. Just like the X5, the X6 will also get an M version, which we will probably see next year.


This spring, BMW has finally confirmed what everyone was expecting, a rival for the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. The biggest SUV in the Mercedes lineup will soon have a competitor from Munchen, a seven-seat SUV positioned above the X5 and the X6 in BMW’s lineup. According to existing reports, BMW’s big SUV will be built on the X5 platform and will be manufactured at the company’s plant in Spartanburg, United States, starting with 2017.


So far, the BMW X8 is just a rumor circulating around the car industry and has received no official confirmation of any kind. It looks like depending on the way markets receive the X7, BMW also considers applying their SUV recipe to this model as well and create a sporty version called the X8. The model will be based on the same platform borrowed from the X5 and its styling will be heavily based on the X7. The upcoming BMW X8 could compete against the confirmed Audi Q8 and it targets financially developed markets such as the United States, Middle East, China and Russia.

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