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BMW Sportback concept by Ismet Cevik

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BMW Sportback Concept

Ismet Cevik is a young talented freelance designer based in Istanbul, Turkey, which is specialized in automotive and industrial design. He also seems to have a passion for BMW and after designing several interesting concept, his latest creation is a splendid concept. Called BMW Sportback, the concept is based on the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe, but with a more futuristic approach. And while the rear part is a more aggressive interpretation of the BMW rear, the front part is truly fascinating. If you ask is, this is what you would get if BMW and Audi would ever merge and that’s not a bad thing at all. The traditional BMW “angel eyes” have been replaced with a double strip of LED lights, quite similar to what we see on many Audi models today.

What’s really great about this concept is that while most digital illustrations are extremely futuristic, this one, which was made in Cinema 4D seems like it would be ready for production any time. A facelift for the 6-Series Gran Coupe? Who knows. We’re kidding, of course, because the German carmaker probably has already decided on a development plan for the Gran Coupe.

And the best part is yet to come, because Ismet announced that these are just a few teaser illustrations, with the full thing to be released anytime soon. We’re really anxious to see these, since it’s always great to feature works of such talented artists. So keep up the good work, Ismet!

Source: CVK Design

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