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Dacia Duster and Porsche Macan go together like a horse and carriage

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Porsche Macan Dacia Duster Morocco

I’m sure the Porsche Macan optionals list is very long and has some really expensive items, but no one would’ve thought of adding a Dacia Duster to that list. And while this post’s title will make you think of Frank Sinatra’s “Love and Marriage” lyrics, we’re actually talking about a horse and a carriage. In this case, the horse is this Dacia Duster pictured here that pulls a Porsche Macan. The unexpected event took place in Morocco, during a press event for Porsche’s new baby and the photo was posted on his Twitter account by British journalist Gavin Green, who writes for CAR Magazine. Apparently, what happened there was that someone was trying to test the off-road capabilities of the Macan and went a little too far.

However, according to Green, the Porsche is not as off-road challenged as this photo might lead people to think, because he tweeted another picture later adding that he was actually quite surprised with how off-road capable the German crossover actually is.

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