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Excellent campaign by Volkswagen against texting while driving

Published by on Jun 9, 2014 in News Leave a comment

Volkswagen Texting Campaign

Texting while driving has become a serious issue around the world an in many countries is one of the leading causes of accidents. While some companies are working on finding ways to solve this problem “by force”, the most popular way of trying to prevent this behavior are different campaigns carried on by companies and authorities all over the world. And we’ve seen a lot of great road safety campaigns over time (here‘s one of the most recent) and now we have another one, this time from Volkswagen.

The German carmaker set up an elaborate campaign whose purpose was to show people, once again, that texting while driving is extremely dangerous. So what they did was take a cinema in Hong Kong full of people and before the movie started, they played a first-person view video of someone driving. That caught the audience’s attention and then, using a location based software, text messages were sent to all in the room. When people started taking out their phones and checking the message, the car in the video crashed, creating quite an impact for those present.

Once again, good job Volkswagen!

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