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First photo of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe, the upcoming X6 rival

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Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe

If the first impression when you saw this photo was that you’re looking at a rebadged BMW X6 (you know, how the Chinese like to do it), you’re actually kind of right. Because what you’re looking at is the first image released by Mercedes of their upcoming rival for the X6. To be honest, the only surprise is what took them so long, because ever since the X6 was unleashed in 2008, it was an incredible success for BMW, despite all the initial controversy after its launch. But it looks like people really like the idea of a sporty SUV and BMW did a great job with theirs (we were absolutely seduced by it during our extended test drive) and they’re actually preparing a smaller version, the X4, which was unveiled last May in Shanghai and will go on sale this year.

With even more pressure from all the rumors claiming Audi’s X6 competitor, the upcoming Q6, is almost ready, it looks like Mercedes did a great job with their model (we have no idea how they will call it, but all bets go to “Mercedes-Benz MLC”). After the model was officially confirmed last October, the concept called Mercedes Concept Coupe previews the upcoming production version and will be unveiled next week at the Beijing Motor Show. It’s silhouette is extremely similar to the BMW X6 (we don’t know how Mercedes fans will react, but we like it), but it follows Mercedes’ recent design philosophy, which was extremely well received by both media and customers. For example, the first thing we notice are the concept’s headlights, which are quite similar to the GLA’s, though they are probably bigger. We also notice several off-road elements, such as the “metal” side and front skirts, which we don’t see on the X6. However, the German carmaker promises that the upcoming SAV will be more sporty than the M-Class.

The production version of the concept is expected to debut in 2015 and will be manufactured at the Mercedes facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That’s what we know so far, more details will be available once the concept makes its world debut in Beijing, on April 20.

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