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Ford shows two new technologies: self-parking car and obstacle avoidance

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Ford's Self-Parking Car

Ford of Europe has recently showed two new technologies on their YouTube account, which will find their way on production models pretty soon.

The first technology is the Fully Assisted Parking Aid system, which parks the car without the driver even being on-board. This system is quite similar to the Active Park Assist that’s already available on the new Ford Focus, but this one is a bit more advanced. First of all, while looking for a parking spot, the driver has to press a button and the system will automatically start scanning for available spots where the car will fit. Once a parking spot is found, the driver can get out of the car and the car will start parking itself. This is extremely useful when parking in tight spaces, like some underground mall or supermarket parking lots, especially with the system being capable of driving the car out of the parking spot, without the driver having to get in.

So far, the Fully Assisted Parking Aid system is just a prototype, but we are fully confident we’ll see one on a production car pretty soon, especially with two other giants, Audi and Volvo working on their versions of this system.

As for the other technology unveiled by Ford, it’s a system whose purpose is to help the driver avoid rear-end collisions or hitting pedestrians. The new system works just like any other obstacle avoidance system out there, featuring a set of radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera to scan the road (up to 220 yards ahead). If it detects anything and the driver’s reaction is absent or not quick enough, the system takes control of the steering and avoids the obstacle, whether it’s a pedestrian, a stopped car or a car slowing down. Just like the other system, this one is still experimental and Ford announced that a final decision will be made after the complete results come in, at the end of the year.

Source: Ford

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