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Ford Troller T4 announced, only available in Brazil

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Ford Troller T4 Brazil

In a market which lacks good old off-roaders, seeing news like this one gives us mixed feelings. First of all, we’re excited to see cars like this are still being launched, on the other side we’re extremely sad when we hear it’s only available in some other parts of the world (Brazil in this case).

As one of the its most important markets, Ford did all their best to perform good in Brazil and one of their best moves was in 2007 when they bought Troller off-road manufacturer, a small company building great off-read vehicles apparently. Two years ago, the company unveiled the Troller R-X concept at the Sao Paulo Motor Show and now it looks like the car is ready for production, despite Ford announcing that what we see is still just a pre-production version.

According to the brand’s officials, the new Troller T4 will be built at the company’s factory in Horizonte, Ceara, where investments were made to get it ready for T4 production. “It’s a totally new vehicle set to exceed challenges – even more robust, with a mechanical fail-safe, modern and striking design together [..] Purely national project, the New Troller T4 respects its heritage and vocation terrain,” says Troller’s general manager, Wagner Conception.


So far, Ford hasn’t released too many details, except that the car will be powered by a 3.2-liter diesel engine available with a six-speed manual transmission. The Troller T4 also features LED taillights and an “off-road feel” given by the use of “London Gray” paint on some parts of the body such as the bumpers, the roof or the running boards. That’s about all we have so far, Ford promising further details closer to the car’s launch.

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