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GM sends recall notices to victims’ families, apologizes after

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GM Recall Victims Families

It looks like things are going from bad to worse at General Motors. Following the recent scandal involving the ignition switches recall that caused at least 13 fatalities, now they have another PR disaster caused by the carmaker sending recall notices to everyone, including the victims’ families. According to a recent report by Reuters, some of these families were notified to bring in their cars for the replacement of the faulty ignition switches and even though GM didn’t brake any laws, we agree that they were suppose to be a little more careful about the delicate issue as it was probably not that difficult to track down the respective families.

Among the families that received the recall notices were Terri DiBattista from South Carolina, who lost her 16-year old daughter in a crash in 2005 and Kim Pierce from Maine, who lost her 17-year old son. DiBattista actually moved after the crash from Maryland (where her daughter lost her life) to South Carolina to recover from the loss. Most of these families have already hired attorneys and asked the NHTSA for more details about the fatal crashes. As for the carmaker, the only reaction from them we have so far is a short statement by spokesman Greg Martin, who told Reuters that “We are deeply sorry to those families who received a recall notice.”

In other news, another Reuters report revealed that at least 74 people driving General Motors cars lost their lives in accidents similar to the ones caused by the defective ignition switch. These results were obtained after Reuters searched the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) database for single car frontal collisions where no airbags were deployed and compared the incidence of crashes involving the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion with those of similar models such as the Honda Civic, Ford Focus or the Toyota Corolla.

Comparing the numbers showed that the incidence of accidents (number of fatal cars per 100,000 cars sold) is a lot higher in the Saturn Ion (5.9) and the Chevrolet Cobalt (4.1). For example, Ford Focus has 2.9 fatal crashes per 100,000 units, the Honda Civic has 1.6 while the Toyota Corolla has just 1. Of course, the Reuters analysis is not accurate, since the FARS database doesn’t include details such as what caused the crash, not to mention that it is entirely based on police reports, which are not always accurate.

Source: Reuters

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