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Google to patent gesture-based car controls

Published by on Oct 10, 2013 in News Leave a comment

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It looks like Google is getting ready to revolutionize the future of in-car entertainment systems, because the California based software giant has just applied for a patent regarding gesture-based car controls. The system includes two cameras mounted on the car’s roof, one using laser technology, the other being capable of detecting depth and depending on the driver’s or passenger’s gestures it will execute different default or custom commands.

Rumors about Google developing this technology showed up immediately after they acquired Flutter, a start-up specialized in “gesture control”. Google paid $40 million last month for Flutter, which had a special program that used webcams to detect users’ gestures and to control several functions on the computer or laptop. And since Google applied for the patent exactly one day after acquiring Flutter, it’s safe to assume that the new technology will involve the start-up’s know-how. What’s funny is that two years ago, Google did an April Fools prank, announcing Gmail Motion, a feature that replaced the keyboard and mouse with gesture control.

But if you’re already imagining changing the tunes on your car sound system or browsing Instagram just by moving your hand, you’re probably have to wait for a while. Because most definitely this technology is years away from going into production and it will probably debut only after Google’s self driving car is ready (the gesture control thing might offer passengers something to do while they way for they car to take them to destination).

Source: Engadget

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