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Honda cancels Insight and CR-Z sales in Europe

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Honda Inisight Europe

Last December, a few rumors surfaced about Honda planning on axing the Insight hybrid from Europe, the Japanese carmaker being unhappy with sales numbers. Well, these rumors have just been confirmed by a Honda spokesman and that was not all, because it looks like the CR-Z sports hybrid will also leave Europe.

The current generation Insight was launched in 2009 and it was powered by the carmaker’s brand new hybrid powertrain called IMA (Integrated Motor Assist). Even though the Japanese had big plans for the Insight and wanted to bring down the absolute leader of hybrid sales, the Prius, things didn’t went as planned, because the Insight’s success was quite limited. It sold better than most hybrids, at least in the first three years of production, but still far behind the Prius.

We’re not sure what are Honda’s plans with its hybrid line-up, but the Insight is probably slowly going down. US sales are dropping, the car has already been removed from the Canadian website last November and things weren’t going great in Europe either. Last year was a horrible one for the Japanese carmaker, which sold only 1245 Insights in the entire Europe in 2013, 62% less than in 2012. The CR-Z performed even worse, with only 695 deliveries, 66% less than 2012. Not even the popular Jazz Hybrid couldn’t save the situation, sales dropping from 7500 units in 2012 to 4500 in 2013.

The Insight and CR-Z are already unavailable on dealers’ websites in most European countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy or Greece, while some units are still available on markets like France or the UK. According to Honda, once all units on stock are sold, no other new ones will be imported.

Source: Honda

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