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Hyundai to launch Nissan Juke rival by 2017

Published by on Aug 2, 2014 in News Leave a comment

Hyundai Curb Concept

Hyundai wants to join the small SUV party and is planning on taking some customers away from the segment’s leader, the Nissan Juke, with a small crossover that is scheduled to see daylight in 2017. The information was released by the South Korean carmaker’s North American leader, Dave Zuchowski, in a recent interview for Edmunds.

The official was talking about Hyundai’s future plans, which include a facelift for the Elantra in 2015, followed by a new generation for the ix35 crossover soon after. While on the subject, he also mentioned that the South Korean carmaker is currently working on the development of a new crossover, positioned below the ix35 in the carmaker’s lineup and targeted at the so called Y generation.

Zuchowsky revealed that Hyundai wants the small SUV to be completely different from what we’ve seen so far from them and will look nothing like its bigger brother, the ix35. Despite Hyundai’s official not making any comments, many reports indicate that the upcoming mini-SUV will be based on the Hyundai Curb concept, unveiled three years ago at the 2011 Detroit Motor Show.

Source: Edmunds

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