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Maybach 62 drives one million kilometers in five years

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Maybach 62 1 Million Kilometers

One million kilometers (620,000 miles) seems like a huge number and many drivers don’t have the chance to drive that much in a lifetime. Not to mention that many cars break way before that. But that many miles in a car like the Maybach seems a little out of this world, especially when they are made in five years. That’s right, 1 million kilometers in five years.

The one who did it is Josef Weikinger, a businessman from Liechtenstein that owns one of the most important solar panel companies in Europe. He bought the Maybach 62 in 2004 and it looks like he fell so in love with it that he didn’t move from the rear seat. Because from 2004 and until 2009, Weikinger’s driver drove 1 million kilometers. The businessman continued using the car even after the odometer stopped at 999,999, which means there’s no telling how many miles does the car actually have.

Even though the car ran for more than 1 million kilometers and we’re talking about an exclusive car like the Maybach, it doesn’t mean there were no problems. At around 600,000 km (370,000 miles), the engine had to be replaced and just a few months later the transmission broke down too and a new one had to be installed. Other important repairs included the replacement of the suspension system and some major issues with the electric system.

Weikinger sold the car in August 2013 and he wanted to remain loyal to the brand, but unfortunately, the German brand owned by Mercedes was discontinued. So the businessman was forced to chose another luxury limousine, opting for a brand new BMW 760Li.

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