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McLaren celebrates 50th anniversary with special edition MP4-12C

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This year, McLaren is celebrating 50 years of existence with a special edition of its current models, the McLaren MP4-12C and the MP4-12C Spider. The supercar manufacturer and its special customization division McLaren Special Operations prepared several unique features for the anniversary model.

The lucky new owners will get several new color options (Carbon Black, Supernova Silver and McLaren Orange), new front bumper, several carbon fiber inserts and a special McLaren logo on a black background. The package also includes ceramic brakes hidden behind the 19 or 20-inch Ultra Lightweight wheels customized with a black satin finish.

The interior doesn’t feature any breathtaking upgrades, but it does have new leather upholstery, special inserts on the side sills and an anniversary plaque on the driver’s door. The models will also come with a special cover, plus a certificate showing the car’s uniqueness and a special key, offered in a carbon fiber case.

According to the British carmaker, there will only be 100 units built, half coupes and half convertibles. The starting price the coupe model will be 229,000 Euros ($296,000), as for the convertible, pricing starts at 251,000 Euros ($324,000).

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