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Mercedes and Chinese BYD launch Denza electric car

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Mercedes-Benz BYD Denza Electric Car

It was the spring of 2012 when Mercedes-Benz and their Chinese partner BYD Automobile announced the start of jointly developed project whose purpose was to produce a fully electric car. Two years later, the two carmakers unveiled the result of their effort, a brand new zero-emission vehicle that made its world debut last week at the Beijing Motor Show.

The new electric car is called Denza and it has all the advantages of becoming a favorite of Chinese customers looking to buy an electric car. First of all, there’s build quality, because even though it’s a jointly developed electric car, Mercedes didn’t make any compromises and chose to place the car in the premium electric cars segment. As a result, the Denza is available with 18-inch alloy wheels, a multimedia system with touchscreen display, leather upholstery and wood inserts. And all these features come with the entry-level trim version, called Lifestyle, while the top version (Executive) offers xenon lights, a high-end Harman/Kardon sound system and satellite navigation.

Mercedes-Benz BYD Denza Electric Car
The Denza is powered by an electric powertrain capable of producing 115-hp and more than decent peak torque, 213 lb-ft (290 Nm). Power comes from a lithium-ion phosphate battery pack with a capacity of 47.5 kWh which offers a driving range of around 190 miles (300 km), which is quite impressive, considering that BMW’s recently launched i3 electric car can only run for about 100 miles on one charge. A full charging cycle takes around seven hours using a regular power outlet, but the time can be reduced to just one hour by using a special charging system. Where the Denza doesn’t really perform is speed and acceleration (official numbers indicate a top speed of around 93 mph), but that’s a compromise the two carmakers had to make.

Mercedes-Benz BYD Denza Electric Car
Daimler’s representatives in China were extremely proud and happy about the Denza when it was unveiled at the Beijing show, anticipating that the Chinese market will soon become one of the largest electric cars market in the world, with the Denza playing an important role.

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