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Mercedes-Benz announces A-Class recall due to airbag issue

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Looks like Mercedes has their hands full recently, with all sorts of safety problems. First there was the recall of 3,500 Citan vans due to a faulty airbag and also because the car scored only three stars (out of maximum five) at EuroNCAP tests, the most important safety tests in Europe.

But this time we’re talking about another new car, the A-Class and the problem is quite similar, involving the passengers’ safety. In an official press release from Mercedes, the company announces that the reason behind this recall is a potential malfunction of the airbags in case of a crash. Apparently, a plastic part that allows the airbag to inflate has a manufacturing issue and, in some cases, the airbag might not inflate properly.

Daimler mentioned that so far there hasn’t been any reported incidents caused by this problem and that the recall is only a measure to prevent potential problems. According to the Germans, the problem came from one of their suppliers and it affects cars built between June and December 2012. As for the exact number of affected units, Mercedes said that in its main market, Germany, there are 6,000.

This recall comes in a very delicate time for Mercedes and it involves one of their most important products. Alongside the new E-Class and S-Class, the A-Class is seen as the carmaker’s main weapon against its German rivals, Audi and BMW. And safety recalls like these ones are pretty bad for the brand’s image.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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