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Mercedes confirms BMW X6 rival based on the M-Class

Published by on Oct 10, 2013 in News 1 comment

Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG

When the BMW X6 made its world debut in 2008, it was definitely one of the most talked-about cars of that year. While many criticized its looks, some said that BMW was extremely bold to mix a coupe and an SUV. Time and sales later proved that it was a great move by the German carmaker, because the X6 sold extremely well and above expectations, with more than 40,000 units being sold each year. We had the chance to test drive the model a couple of years ago and we instantly fell in love with it. Before that we have to admit we were a little skeptical, but after driving it we were sold.

As you can probably imagine, the segment became extremely attractive and several carmakers unveiled their plans for building a competing model. And while Audi is working on a Q6 since forever, it looks like the other German luxury giant, Mercedes, is the one to take an important step forward in developing a similar model. According to inside sources, the project, called the MLC, has already been given the green light for production. As the name suggests it, the upcoming model will be a coupe version of the current M-Class and it will be built on the same platform as the SUV. Engine lineup will include several gasoline units, with direct injection and six or eight cylinders, while the European market will probably get several extra diesel choices, which are extremely popular on the Old Continent. And of course, a high-performance AMG will also be available, taking the SUV coupe to the next level.

The German carmaker is pretty confident in this new project and is hoping for a nice financial recipe, since the car will basically be a current M-Class with a different body, so no additional costs will be involved. But we’ll have to wait and see, since things might not be that simple, because while the X6 looks remarkable, its main strength is the incredible way it drives, so Mercedes should pay a lot of attention to that too.

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