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Mercedes, leader of the U.S. premium market in 2013, new global sales record

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Mercedes-Benz Results 2013

Last year, Mercedes-Benz and BMW fought to become the leader of the premium market segment and after a true “photo finish”, the winner was Mercedes. According to a report by Bloomberg, the Stuttgart based carmaker sold exactly 3,254 more units than its Munchen competitor, which is an incredibly small gap, considering each one sold more than 300,000 units. The other important premium competitor, Lexus, only sold around 275,000 and was quite helpless looking at the other two battling for supremacy.

With new models such as the amazing CLA (which the company considers to be the most successful product launches in the past 20 years), the E-Class Coupe or the brand new S-Class, Mercedes managed to attract a lot of new customers in their showrooms, increasing sales by 14 percent compared to 2012, which means they sold 312,534 units. On the other hand, BMW also had a great year, increasing sales by 10 percent to a total of 309,280 units. This is new record for BMW ever since the carmaker started selling cars in the United States and if we take into consideration the other brand owned by BMW, Mini, the group sold a total of 375,782. What’s interesting is that until September, BMW was market leader, but once the CLA was introduced and sales started, Mercedes caught up really fast. As for the other important German premium carmaker, Audi, they are far behind. It’s true, this is their fourth consecutive year sales increase, but with 158,061 units, they sold half of what BMW and Mercedes did.

But that’s not all the good news coming from Mercedes, because the German carmaker also had a great year globally, achieving a new production record. In 2013, the company built 1.49 million units and even though financial results and sales results for 2013 aren’t in yet, the Germans expect the numbers of vehicles sold to surpass 1.4 million units, which will also be a new record (the current one is 1,320,097 units in 2012). Out of all new models launched in 2013, the S-Class had one of the most promising debuts, Mercedes being forced to increase production at the Sindelfingen factory to meet demand. Right now, 460 S-Classes are built each day.

And 2014 sounds just as good, because the company has several highly anticipated upcoming models such as the GLA crossover or the next generation C-Class. To make sure they don’t fall behind, Mercedes will continue investing massively in its production lines, approximately one billion Euros ($1.36 billion) currently being invested in upgrading the Bremen factory which will assemble the C-Class. Alongside the German factory, the premium compact will also be assembled at the Tuscaloosa facility in Alabama and in Brazil.

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