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New details about the 2015 Volvo XC90’s infotainment system

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Volvo XC90 Infotaiment System

The upcoming Volvo XC90 is an important piece in the Swedish carmaker’s strategy for the future and that’s why they’re doing their best to make it top notch. We already know the car will be packed with all sorts of technologies and Volvo has just released additional information about the car, this time about its advanced infotainment system in particular.

Following what we can already see on the Tesla Model S, the upcoming Volvo XC90 will get rid of all buttons on the central console, which will be replace by a large touchscreen display (we don’t know its size yet, but it looks large enough). As for the infotainment system, this seems to be la piece de resistance of the new SUV. Basically an evolution of Volvo’s current Sensus system, the one on the XC90 will include a wide range of features such as navigation system developed by HERE, a cloud storage system developed by Ericsson that will allow users to stream music or videos, the possibility of connecting and mirroring Apple devices (including Apple’s CarPlay system) and the world’s first Park and Pay application that will make paying for parking extremely easy. Besides these, the system doesn’t only include the large central display, but also head-up display and thumb control on the steering wheel that will allow drivers to control many functions of the system without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

One of the most important people involved in this project is Dr. Thomas M. Müller, Vice President Electrics/Electronics & E-propulsion engineering, which said: “As cars become increasingly more connected to the internet and are able to offer a far wider range of functions and entertainment services, the way in which the driver interacts with the car’s systems is becoming progressively more important. It is essential that these services are offered in a way that does not reduce safety levels and in a manner that is easy to understand and optimized for the driving task.”

Of course, with all these featured bundled into the infotainment system, one of Volvo’s most important tasks is to make as easy to use as possible, because not all customers will be tech savvy. But it looks like the Swedish carmaker is aware of that and an entire team is working on improving the system’s usability and learning curve. “Using the screen is so logical that it will become part of your muscle memory very quickly,” said Dr. Peter Mertens, Volvo Car Group’s Senior Vice President Research & Development. “Information, navigation and media are high up and easy to check. The phone controls, application icons and climate controls are located low, comfortable to reach and touch. All of this logic is based on extensive usability and user experience research and the latest technology.”

To be honest, though we’re usually quite reserved when it comes to new in-car technology (which is usually extremely overhyped and overpriced), the new Volvo XC90 is starting to get us excited and we’re really looking forward to the Volvo XC90 full reveal which is scheduled to take place in August and to get our hands on the tech goodies it offers, probably at this autumn’s Paris Motor Show.

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