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Nine carmakers featured in Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands in 2013

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Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands 2013

Each year, NY based global branding company Interbrand publishes a top of the world’s “greenest” brands, called Best Global Green Brands. And in recent years this top has been dominated by car companies and 2013 is no exception, with nine car manufacturers, which is quite incredible, since the automobile industry is considered one of the main pollution factors.

Anyway, just like last year, the number one spot is claimed by Toyota, followed closely by Ford and Honda. These rankings come as a rewards for these carmakers’ recent efforts to comply with the more and more severe pollution standards. Two more carmakers are in the first 10, Nissan and Volkswagen, while BMW ranks 13th. The other major German carmaker, Mercedes-Benz is 17th. The biggest drop was recorded by Hyundai, which is now ranked 34th compared to last year’s 17th position. But the Korean group managed an impressive performance, with the other important brand, Kia, entering Interbrand’s top for the first time.

Even though most carmaker invest heavily in improving their technologies to reduce pollution, the most appreciated brands got their popularity from launching completely new products such as the Prius model in Toyota’s case or Ford’s EcoBoost engine lineup. These new products get a lot of attention from the public, attention which is becoming more and more important for the companies’ long term success.

Interbrand also analyzes the difference between the companies’ efforts in protecting the environment and the consumers’ perception of these efforts, by using data supplied by professional services company Deloitte. And, for example, the conclusion is that one of the main factors that made Toyota number 1 is that only last year the Japanese carmaker sold almost 2.9 million Priuses globally.

And while Hyundai had the biggest drop, this year’s performer is Nissan, which went up 16 places from 21st to 5th. This was possible thanks to the 50,000 Leafs sold so far, which made it by far the best selling electric car of all time. More than that, Nissan also promised that by 2017 its vehicles’ weight will be reduced by as much as 15% and it will also develop a new range of fuel-cell powered cars in cooperation with Ford and Daimler.

Source: Interbrands

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