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Nissan recalls 841,000 Cubes and Micras

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The Japanese carmaker has just announced a recall for 841,000 Nissan Micra and Cube units, produced between 2002 and 2006. According to Nissan, the problem is about a bolt on the steering wheel that might not be properly tightened. Not all cars are affected by this issue, but if you own a Cube or a Micra built between December 2nd, 2002 and May 12, 2006 you’d better get it to a Nissan dealer and have it checked.

Noriko Yoneyama, spokesman for Nissan, said that this issue hasn’t caused any accidents, injuries or deaths and that it’s just a preventive measure taken by the company. In the worst case scenario, the steering wheel might not respond to the driver’s commands. However, the risk is not worth it, since fixing the problem takes around 40 minutes. Mechanics will check the steering wheel’s wear and will tighten the faulty bolt or, if necessary, will replace the steering wheel.

Micra is Nissan’s best selling model. Until 2010, the model was produced in the United Kingdom, at the Sunderland facility. However, high demand in Europe for the Nissan Juke forced the Japanese carmaker to move Micra production in Chennai, India. The next generation is already in the works, being scheduled to enter production in 2016 at the Chennai factory and at the Renault production facility in Flins, France.

Source: AutoNews

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