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Olympic champion Usain Bolt test drives the BMW M3

Published by on Nov 26, 2008 in News Leave a comment

Usain Bolt BMW M3

Usain Bolt, the 22 years old Jamaican who blew the 100 metres world record (running the distance in 9,69 seconds) at this summer’s Beijing Olympic Games, had the chance to do a special test drive of the 420 hp BMW M3, at the BMW Vehicle Test Facility in Aschheim near Munich. He described the experience as being “fascinating” and we believe him, especially with him getting almost three hours of BMW Driver Training and than doing some laps under the professional guidance of a BMW driving instructor.

Bolt also said that he’s been in love with BMW’s ever since he was a kid, his uncle owning a BMW and taking little Usain for a ride every now and then. And his experience in Munich is not just a marketing move, a black M3 being order for the athlete by his sponsor, Puma, M3 which is scheduled to arrive in Kingston, Jamaica and to be handed over to Usain before Christmas.

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