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Porsche recalls 2,500 Macans for possible brakes issue

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Porsche Macan

The German carmaker has just announced that 2,500 Porsche Macans, most of them in Europe, will be recalled for an inspection of the braking system. According to the carmaker’s officials, the recalled units will be checked for the booster units condition, after an internal quality test unveiled that some units might have been damaged during the assembly process. However, Porsche calms down customers and assures everyone there’s no danger, because even if the booster units are damaged, the cars don’t lose braking function and still comply with legal requirements.

Porsche also announced that Macan is the only model affected by this possible issue and no other models are involved. The German carmaker is at its second important recall in 2014, after 911 GT3 owners were asked to try and avoid driving their cars until Porsche’s engineers come up with a solution for an engine problem that might have caused the entire car to catch fire. The final solution was not a cheap one and Porsche replaced the entire engine of the affected GT3s and extended their warranties. The recall was issued after three units caught fire on the roads, caused by a loosened piston rod screw connection which damaged the crankcase.

Alongside the Cayenne, the Porsche Macan is one of the most important models in the carmaker’s hopes of selling 200,000 units next year. In 2013, the German brand sold 162,000 units and if they will reach the target for 2015, then they will have reached the 200,000 units milestone three years earlier than they initially estimated.

Source: Porsche

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