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Putin’s presidential limousine fleet to be developed by…Porsche

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Vladimir Putin Limousine Porsche Engineering

While the entire world is looking with unrest at the political chess game played by Russia on one side and the European Union and United States on the other side, it looks like these countries have no problems in continuing their business relationships. For example, not long ago, the Russian government organized a contest whose purpose was to select the company to build the next limousine of president Vladimir Putin. Everyone though the winner was Marussia, the Russian carmaker also involved in Formula One, who took this “privilege” from Zil, the traditional presidential limo maker, but it seems things might be a little different.

According to recent rumors spreading in the Russian press, the future limousine will actually be an entire lineup of models, called “Project Cortege”, dedicated to the Russian president that will include limousines, SUVs and vans, all destined to be used for Putin’s protection and comfort. The first prototypes were already unveiled during an event organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the minister Denis Manturov announcing that production will start by 2016 at the Ulyanovsk factory.

What’s really interesting is that the company to supervise production will be Porsche Engineering, a division of the German carmaker. According to reports, the Germans will use a $400 million budget allocated by the Russian government to build Putin what might be the world’s safest and most luxurious limousine. For the moment, we can’t help but notice the car’s traditional look and even a lack of originality, but that’s probably not its purpose. There are some details that show Putin’s desire for ultra luxury, such as the golden badges, but we’ll have to wait until the final products are out to get a better idea.

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