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Rear-view cameras mandatory in the US by 2018

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Rear-view Camera United States

The law proposed by the NHTSA was approved and all car manufacturers will be required to offer rear-view cameras as standard starting with May 1, 2018. The proposal came as part of the agency’s efforts to reduce the 15,000 injuries and 210 fatalities that happen each year on American roads. The rear-view camera system will be required to render digital images of what happens at the back of the car when in reverse and the minimum area displayed must by 10 by 20 feet. By making this system mandatory, the NHTSA estimates that 58 to 69 lives will be saved each year. According to reports, the most “vulnerable” categories of people injured by cars backing up are kids up to 5 years old and elder people (more than 70 years old).

The system was supposed to become mandatory starting with 2015, but the government decided to push it back by three years. The NHTSA has already included rear assist in the standard testing program starting with 2013 and things have already improved, but there is room for even better and more lives are expected to be saved by stricter regulations in the future.

The rule will be introduced for all vehicles weighting up to 10,000 pounds, including cars, commercial and utility vehicles. Also, car manufacturers will be discouraged to use lower quality systems by the strict requirement which will regulate the display size, resolution, the system’s response time, durability and the options for turning it off. According to the NHTSA, installing this system will cost manufacturers between $43 and $45 per unit, if the car already has an adequate display (usually used by the satellite navigation or the multimedia system). If there is no display, the costs are significantly higher, between $132 and $142. Despite these extra costs, the NHTSA estimates that 73% of all new vehicles will comply with this regulation before 2018, meaning the rear-view camera systems market is expected to report a significant growth in the near future.

Source: NHTSA

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