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Review: “Rush”, the story of the 1976 Formula One season

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Rush Movie Review

Even though it’s been almost a month since the new “Rush” movie started playing, we only got to see it last night. And, boy, were we impressed or what. I mean, I read a few things about the movie and saw that everyone was praising it (both car fans and people not that into motorsport). In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, “Rush” is the story of the 1976 Formula One season. Actually, it’s more of the story of one of the greatest rivalries Formula One has ever seen, between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. And don’t let the movie poster fool you, because even though Chris Hemsworth (he plays James Hunt) is in the front, Lauda plays a more important role in the movie.

Like we said, the movie is about the 1976 Formula One seasons, one of the most intense seasons the sport has ever seen. James Hunt became the world champion by just one point, but the season was marked by Niki Lauda’s tragic accident which almost killed him and left him scarred for life and his amazing comeback in the driver’s seat, only six weeks later. Not to mention the final race, one of the most highly anticipated Formula One races ever, when Lauda retired after the first lap because he valued his life more than winning the championship.

The movie is pretty accurate (Lauda himself praised it for not going too “Hollywood” and distorting facts) and is directed by Ron Howard, who has also directed other great movies such as Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind or The Da Vinci Code. James Hunt is played by Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor, while Niki Lauda is played by a less known German actor, Daniel Bruhl. Even though he has played in many European movies, he is probably best known for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”, where he plays that German war hero used by Nazi propaganda. And in my opinion his performance is absolutely amazing, casting a shadow on Hemsworth. Don’t get me wrong, Hemsworth’s performance is really good too, quite surprising for an actor who’s best known for his muscles rather than his acting skills (we have to admit the role also fits him like a glove). And a bonus, the movie’s soundtrack was composed by Hans Zimmer, one of Hollywood’s legends and my personal favorite soundtrack composer (you must’ve been impressed by the music in movies like Gladiator, Pearl Harbor or Inception).

As for a motorsport fan, I think the movie is incredible. Just by looking at how those “maniacs” were driving back then makes Vettel, Alonso or Hamilton look like a bunch of school girls. Safety was almost non-existent and the risk of dying during a race was extremely high (in the movie, Lauda says he always kept the risk of dying at 20%, but I think it was a lot higher). You can also meet or hear about other huge drivers in the movie, such as Clay Regazzoni, Mario Andretti or Jochen Mass.

So, the conclusion is that we highly recommend the movie, especially if you’re into motorsports. We don’t know if you’re girlfriend will get bored during the movie (we stood next to a couple of girls and they didn’t look too thrilled after the movie ended), but we can guarantee you’ll be too excited to notice. And after you see, don’t forget to come back here and let us know if you liked it. Oh, and of course, if you have already seen it, please share with us.

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