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Tesla: “We will build a self-driving car by 2016”

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If you can blame Tesla for something, it’s definitely not for lack of ambition. After creating some of the most interesting cars on the market today and becoming one of the most important electric carmakers, if not THE most important, it seems like they won’t be stopping here. The brilliant man behind the Californian carmaker, Elon Musk, has just announced that they are currently considering a project whose purpose is to create a fully functional self-driving car that will be able to run without any driver interference for about 90% of the time.

What’s interesting, and that’s why we’re talking about Tesla as being extremely ambitious, is that most experts predicted that technology will allow for such a vehicle to be built in about 10 or 15 years. But Tesla wants to do it in just 3 years, by 2016 and not only that, but Musk confirmed in an interview for Financial Times that the entire technology needed for this project will be created by Tesla Motors, without any outside help. According to him, an on board supercomputer will control the self-driving car 90% of the time, because taking it that extra 10% will require a longer development time. Musk also explained that at the moment, the largest drawbacks this types of projects face regard legal and safety aspects.

Tesla Motors is not the first carmaker to consider developing a self-driving car. Daimler, Nissan, Volvo and even internet giant Google already have ongoing projects and are currently working on systems that are already installed on their models or will be in the near future. Google already has prototypes equipped with special technology that are undergoing road tests in several American states.

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