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Toyota announces 7 million hybrids sold in the last 18 years

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Toyota Hybrids

Yesterday, the Japanese carmaker announced an important milestone in their hybrid saga, by selling their 7 millionth hybrid in September. Toyota is the world’s undisputed leader in hybrid cars sales, their 28 hybrid models sold in 90 countries achieving impressing sales results.

By far the most popular and successful hybrid is the Prius, responsible for almost half of the total 7 million units sold so far. Actually, if we also take into consideration the Prius+ and Prius C models, the total number of sales for the Prius lineup is 4.7 million units. The figure released by Toyota also includes sales for Lexus hybrids, the most popular models of Toyota’s luxury brand being the RX SUV (400h and 450h models) with 305,000 units and the compact CT 200h, with more than 200,000 units (208,000 to be more exact).

Toyota started producing hybrid cars in 2007, when the Prius was introduced, a model which will basically become synonym with “hybrid car” in the following years. While sales were nothing impressive in the beginning, it slowly started growing and if the carmaker sold 53,000 in 2003, ten years later, in 2013, they sold 1,280,000 units, which is an amazing progress.

The announcement comes after another important milestone, on Monday Toyota announcing that the 9 millionth vehicle was built in Europe. The Japanese carmaker’s European production facilities include six automobile factories and three engine plants, which produce two of the three Toyota models currently available on the Old Continent.

The first Toyota factory in Europe was inaugurated in 1971 in Portugal with the purpose of assembling the Corolla for the European market. Today, Toyota has production facilities in Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia and most of the units built here go to the local market, but officials mentioned that some production is also exported outside Europe. Starting with 1971, Toyota invested more than 8 billion Euros in their European manufacturing facilities and current workforce consists of more than 20,000 employees, while the carmaker’s 400 suppliers and other European partners also employ 94,000 people, including the sales network.

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