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Volkswagen introduces the Touareg facelift

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Volkswagen Touareg Facelift 2014

The German carmaker’s SUV will soon receive a mid-life update which will be unveiled for the first time in a couple of days at the Beijing Motor Show, with market debut scheduled for this summer. The facelift’s highlights include several features which are now standard, such as the Bi-Xenon headlights and the “coasting” function, plus a set of new styling features that include new color options, materials and alloy wheels. The new Touareg also has the automatic post-collision breaking system as standard and all V6 TDI engines comply with current emission standards.

The online features offered by the new Volkswagen Touareg’s multimedia system include access to Google Earth and Google Street View, plus real-time traffic info, all meant to help drivers plan and adjust their routes so they avoid traffic jams. All these services are offered as part of Volkswagen’s RNS 850 multimedia system. And speaking of technology, the new Touareg also comes with adaptive cruise control with automatic braking and Stop-and-Go function, which means the vehicle is able to stop when the vehicle in front stops and then accelerate to a preset speed once the other cars start moving.

The “coasting” function, which until now was available only on the Touareg Hybrid, decouples the engine from the gearbox as soon as the driver releases the throttle pedal. It works at speed of up to 80 mph and even though its extremely discreet and the driver doesn’t notice its effect, Volkswagen claims it contributes to a better fuel economy, alongside other fuel saving features such as the improved aerodynamics and the reduced friction tires. According to the German manufacturer, the V6 TDI’s fuel economy has been improved by 6% compared to the current 204-hp version.

Besides petrol and diesel version, the Touareg Hybrid will also be available, powered a 333-hp V6 TSI petrol engine combined with a 52-hp electric motor. The powertrain’s total powert output is 380-hp and 427 lb-ft (580 Nm), while fuel consumption on the combined cycle is 29.7 mpg (8.2 liters per 100 km). The Touareg Hybrid is able to run in full electric mode at speed up to 35 mph and is capable of towing a 3.5-tonne trailer.

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