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Volkswagen Jetta CC previewed by Midsize Coupe Concept

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Volkswagen Midsize Coupe Concept

Unveiled last week at the Beijing Motor Show, the Volkswagen Midsize Coupe Concept was a subject of controversy regarding its future and the possibility of seeing a production version anytime soon. However, according to AutomotiveNews, chances of seeing a production version of the concept are high, most likely as a new body version of Volkswagen’s Jetta sedan.

It looks like the model will be based on the compact sedan’s new generation and will offer a coupe look, similar to what Volkswagen did with the larger Passat CC (now known simply as the Volkswagen CC). A possible Jetta CC four-door compact coupe will be based on the Volkswagen Group’s MQB modular platform and its market debut is expected to happen in 2016. The concept unveiled in Beijing is powered by a 2.0-liter petrol engine that produces 220-hp and offers a 0 to 62 mph acceleration of 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 152 mph.

The Midsize Coupe Concept was designed by a teal led by Klaus Bischoff, the German car manufacturer’s Design Director. The concept has several interesting features, such as its size: even though it’s shorter than a Jetta, it’s wider than a Passat, which indicate a sporty nature of the vehicle. If a production version of the Midsize Coupe Concept will ever see daylight, it will retain many design elements such as the swooping roofline, the frameless windows or the LED lights. The upcoming Jetta CC will probably be built at the same Puebla facility in Mexico where the current generation is assembled, but the German car manufacturer is also considering other locations, including one in China, this being one of the reasons the concept made its world debut at the Beijing show.

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