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European road fatalities dropped by half since 2001

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Car Deaths Europe

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) recently published a report about the total number of road accidents that took place in 2012 on the Old Continent. According to statistics, the total number of deaths on European roads was 12,000 which even though it’s not small, it represents a huge progress compared to 2001, when 27,700 people died in a car related accident in Europe.

One of the main reasons behind this great improvement was the evolution of car safety systems and the multiple changes in regulations. Compared to last decade, many cars we see today on the street are equipped with several active and passive safety systems, some of them being made mandatory by the European Union.

According to the ETSC report, the best progress was recorded in Spain and Latvia, both countries seeing a 66% decrease in road fatalities. At the other end of the top is Poland, where there are 11 deats per 1 billion kilometers (620,000 miles) traveled. In countries with a developed infrastructure, such as Great Britain, the Netherlands or Switzerland, statistics indicate only 2 deaths per 1 billion kilometers traveled.

Even though the total number of car deaths is a lot lower than it was a decade ago, the ETSC believes that it’s still too high and that it can be further reduced. The organization wants to ask the European Union to introduce a new set of strict regulations that will reduce the number of car accidents, such as making warning system for rear passengers mandatory or enforcing stricter penalties for driving under influence. For example, the ETSC suggests that if rear passenger would be forced to wear seat belts, more than 900 deaths would be avoided each year. Today, 88% of front passengers wear seat belts and only 74% in the rear seats.

Source: ETSC

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