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Garage InN, the first hotel in the world where you can sleep next to your car

Published by on May 4, 2014 in Offbeat Leave a comment

Garage InN Hotel, Hank, Netherlands

Many car fanatics are in love with their cars and some would even take it to bed if they could. While we don’t share this “extreme” love, don’t worry, we’re not judging. And it hasn’t been classified as a mental disorder. Yet. And to make you happy, here’s the first hotel in the world where you can turn your dream into reality.

The hotel we’re talking about is called Garage InN and is located in the small town of Hank in the Netherlands, about 30 miles East of Rotterdam. Here, for only 70 Euros a night (about $100), you can park your car in the same room you sleep. Actually, to be honest, it’s the other way around, you get to sleep in your car’s room. Because the “hotel” only has one room, which is a garage that has been turned into a hotel room that allows parking a 4.5-meter long car. Oh, the rate also includes breakfast (for you, because the car doesn’t get anything).

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