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HubCap Creatures, making art from used hubcaps

Published by on Apr 24, 2014 in Offbeat Leave a comment

HubCap Creatures Sculptures by Ptolemy Elrington

So what do you do when one of your hubcaps breaks? You usually throw it away, right? Well, what if we told that these apparently useless hubcaps can be used to create beautiful things? Ptolemy Elrington is a 48-year old British artist with an unusual occupation. He is from Brighton, a town on England’s south coast, and has been creating animals from discarded hubcaps found on the side of the road. Using tools like hacksaws, pliers, a craft knife, wire snips and an electric drill, he takes these abandoned hubcaps and uses them to create beautiful animal sculptures.

Creating one of these sculptures takes him around three weeks and the results are absolutely remarkable, Elrington putting a lot of work into the details and the final finishes. Most of his creations are for sale and his most expensive sculpture to date was a 40-feet dragon which required an impressive number of 200 hubcaps (the artist hasn’t revealed the price he was paid, but it looks like it’s around a few thousand dollars).

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