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Jaguar designs Team Sky bike for 2014 Tour de France

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Jaguar Team Sky Dogma F8 Bike

A team of engineers from the British carmaker helped Team Sky, last year’s winner of the Tour de France, to develop the bike for this year’s edition of the famous French race. The Jaguar team worked side by side with the specialists from Pinarello, one of the most famous bicycle frame manufacturers in the world, to perfect the current project, called Dogma 65.1. According to a recent press release, almost all the bike’s components were redesigned, including the frame’s profile, seat post, front fork, many components attached to the frame and the entire rear part. The final result was tested in a computer simulator 300 times, before the team went on and also tested the bike in a wind tunnel.

The new bike is called Dogma F8 and, compared to the previous version of the bike, Jaguar’s changes brought a 26.1 percent improvement to the aerodynamics. Both Jaguar and Team Sky are excited about the results of this project and everyone is confident that the team will be able to defend the title they won last year. The Dogma F8’s first race will take place on June 8, at the Criterium du Dauphine, before entering the Tour de France on July 5.

The partnership between Jaguar and Team Sky started in 2010, when the British car manufacturer supplied the cycling team with a lineup of support vehicles. However, this is the first time Jaguar helps build a bike for a team competing in the world’s most famous cycling competition, the Tour de France, becoming Team Sky’s official “innovation partner”.

Source: Jaguar

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